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You may not know it, but here at Xyz Training Group, we are also a real training company in our own right. Not only do we own and operate UK Construction Training Ltd (does what it says on the tin) but we also take hundreds of brokerage payments on behalf of our training partners each week via our parent platform Xyz.co.uk .

Some partners use this service so that they do not have to provide day long telephone and email support to new enquiries, using the service so that they can concentrate on doing what they do best - training and delivering courses.

Others use our brokerage service so that we take the strain out of handling their enquiries and delivering to new clients all the information they need about their courses, relieving them of the sometimes weighty administration tasks such as providing course information, sending proforma invoices and reminding clients to book when they ask to be reminded.

The most common brokerage service we provide however is in giving business to our partners where that lead or business enquiry has come directly to Xyz from one of the many blue chip clients we ourselves have terms contracts with. Last year, that business equated to more than £4m in the UK alone. Business we passed to partners in our network who would not have had that business otherwise.

If you would like us to start taking your training enquiries and/or payments for your courses, then drop us a line or give us a call, one of our partner support guys will be pleased to walk you through the process. As ever without any pressure or sales. Service starts at just £99 a year..

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TrainingWebsite.co.uk is owned and operated by Xyz Training Group Ltd, a company that owns and operates some of the UK's largest training and professional development websites.

Xyz Training Group has been helping UK training companies sell more training courses since 2004 - at time of writing nearly 20,000 UK training companies are now, what we call, our partners.

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